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Why Do You Ask?

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

BOOK REPORT - Part 8 - New Teachers


Where will we find teachers for the "new education?" we can't use those who are so entrenched in old ways. They won't change in the necessary ways. Some might, but most won't.
That means teacher prep programs must change but the colleges who prepare are most likely to be unwilling to change.
This presents a sticky wicket, yes?
There is a need to unlearn in order to learn. Josh Billings quote - "The trouble ain't that people are ignorant; it's that they 'know' so much that ain't so."
Watson's summary of learning had several items. My take for my students was how "ready" a student is to learn something new includes the adequate existence of experiences. One can only build on what one has experienced. Another was what I have paraphrased as we learn what we want to know.
As the authors list Watson's 12 items for learning, I wondered if our culture or demographics have changed to negate some of the "truth" found here.
Instead of teaching a subject, teach how to DO the subject. Teachers model the behavior of DOING social studies instead of teaching social studies.
I enjoyed the discussion of the "uselessness" of administrators in schools. Totally new concept for me. Almost humorous in the portrayal.
Educational Technology's Goal - Help learners learn new strategies for survival in a changing world.
Still true - I think.
 From R. Murry

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At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You bring up a great point. What are teacher prep programs doing for our future teacher force? I actually was blogging about the same thing not too long ago (http://keepingkidsfirst.wordpress.com/2008/12/14/preparing-for-yesterday/). The technologies that are being taught aren't really new. The classrooms in which they are placing interns aren't necessarily the best models. Where does that battle begin? In my opinion, schools are going to have to demand a more advanced technological skill set from the "teacher crop" before that change is forced. I'm afraid it won't come easily. I'll be interested to see where your conversation leads. Thanks for bringing this up!


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