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Why Do You Ask?

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Simplify Man...Simplify

Too frequently, when trying to FTP from Blogger to my own host, it simply doesn't work. As I maintain, technology is only good if it makes one's life easier.

Well, to make my life easier, I have decided not to publish to my own site any longer. Some will say, and probably correctly, that my host is the problem. I'll take care of that at a later time, but for now I have 250mb of lifetime free server space.

There are a few things that made this decision difficult.
  1. Blogspot is blocked at my school, and likely thousands of others. However, so are most blogs if there is a way to determine they are "personal webpages." [Yep, that's the category name that flags bad information.] The 21st century book-burning continues in full force. Remember, information is a dangerous threat.
  2. Many readers will not subscribe to a generic (blogspot) blog, thinking it is unprofessional, or beneath their standards of value. Their loss. :-) I don't have that many readers anyway.
  3. I will no longer be able to use my blog as a way of giving instruction to my students while they are in the school building. UNLESS I allow the to use their cell phones for the mobile version.
Overall, I made the decision to move because it will make my lie easier. I am doing much more blogging (thought not this one) from my iPhone. I send it to Posterous, which distributes everything to my blog, Twitter, and my posterous account. And it is so simple, even I can do it.

So I hope my readers will let me know they have found me...again.

Have a happy, prosperous, and simplified New Year.

Image: Taken by me from the TV commercial.

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