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Why Do You Ask?

From asking questions that require an answer To asking questions that require a conversation.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Today in class, I showed a video of health, environment, and impact of war in Africa. The video was provided by the GA DOE at a session on our new standards. It was produced by SCIS. [I'll provide links in an edit.]
Anyway, students in all classes, but one class specifically, responded with questions of is that for real, why don't we do something, and what can we do?
Sometimes their innocence is refreshing, while at other times their naive, self-absorbsion is frustrating. This response was more than refreshing. It was palpable.
My 5th period went to their 6th period class, told the teacher (who is across the hall from me) they wanted to do something. They wrote a plan, came back to me and said, "We're doing something even if you won't help us. Here's our idea. You have to talk to the science teacher if you want to help."
I gave a couple of students the word Darfur to research on their own this evening. I've received three emails this evening...again, asking if this is for real.
So I am asking my Twitter friends to help me encourage my students tomorrow during class. We meet at 1:00 EST (USA). If you are able to send anything, I'll be using my iPhone to receive the messages (Twitter is blocked on the school network) and show them that others care too. I'll keep everyone informed as to our process of learning and helping.
Send Twitter message to @rrmurry
Thanks friends.
 From R. Murry

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