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Why Do You Ask?

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Georgia Educators Are Cheaters - yep nearly all of them

The accusatory, tone that all teachers are cheating ticks me off. 

Suspicious test scores widespread in state

The state of Georgia is having problems with answers being changed on the mandated CRCT tests.  Several blurbs of thought, with little comment, because it's Sunday, and no one should speak the way I'm thinking.

authors, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner stated in 2005 that teachers, like Sumo wrestlers will cheat when forced to, or for self-preservation, or for incentives

  • The Annual Yearly Progress rules force educators (not just teachers, but counselors, and administrators) to protect their employment.  The risk of detection is apparently lower than than the risk of losing employment because students aren't paying attention in class.

MacGraw Hill
actually has spent money, time, and energy - AND THE STATE OF GEORGIA PAID TAX-PAYER MONEY FOR IT TO BE DONE - to develop a computer program to look for erasure marks (from wrong answers to right answers). 
  • I wish instead of furloughing teachers (breaking contractual agreement), and looking for cheating teachers (that the government has created by their own rules of engagement), they would have considered using that money to actually improve education. 
  • I will never purchase MacGraw Hill anything, and any school system who does should be ashamed of themselves. They oppose teachers and education - simple as that.
    • MacGraw Hill is in the business of making money - I get it.  But their unethical, immoral approach is beyond reprehensible. 
  • I will provide a list of legislators who are in favor of this approach to "improving education" so they can be voted against.  SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! Using children and teachers as a springboard to political careers instead of public service.  You are all corrupt.

Proctor All Exams in K-8

  • There really is an easy answer, use proctors to administer these foolish tests.
  • During test weeks, teachers should not attend.  You cannot be found guilty of something from which you were absent.  The state of Georgia furloughed teachers 6 days this year.  Sure, they gave each system the flexibility as to how they would reduce expenses that equalled six days of unpaid teacher compensation.
  • So, I propose that the state, since their accusations are directed at cheating teachers, provide every school system with proctors during testing times.  This will roughly equal the furloughed days they will take away from us next year anyway.

Our governor, Sonny Perdue, said,

“This has got to be impeccable beyond reproach,” Perdue said of the test. “The sad thing is that it really is the students that are being cheated.”

I won't go into the poor grammar abilities he used, but since you are so concerned about the chillllllllldren, then make the test IMPECCABLY BEYOND REPROACH and provide proctors for our "cheated students."  And by the way, take that MacGraw Hill kickback and move on.

And if you didn't get the kickback from MacGraw Hill good; but you now know how you made the overwhelming majority of tax-paying, voting teachers feel by your accusation.  Good day, sir.

P.S. - I'm still hoping the free speech rights of tax-paying citizens has not rescinded in our state too.

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