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Why Do You Ask?

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What We Are Really Teaching Our Students in Georgia, USA

A 22-year-old student at University of Georgia has published an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (April 15, 2009).

Here's the link - http://tinyurl.com/dgtukf

I have some questions.

If she is truthful, then shame on eduwonks for still believing that testing = learning.  A 22-year-old has figured out the game, and so have many of my middle schoolers.  I've argued testing is a two-fold condition where 1) Politicians are able to make a case for election or re-election and 2) Testing companies get rich by providing politicians questionable information to dupe the public into voting for them on education issues.

However, I wonder if the author hasn't really learned the way journalism works, and really has found her own voice.  She identified a controversial subject, took the side of the victimized underdog who must overcome the unjust system.  We will stand and cheer as she tries to triumph against the odds.

I choose to believe she is telling the truth, because it is seldom that a 22-year-old has the level of skepticism, cynicism, and angst to use a major publisher to make a point that is worthy of publication.  So, good for your Laura Braziel.  You will persevere and indeed find your voice.

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