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Why Do You Ask?

From asking questions that require an answer To asking questions that require a conversation.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wiki School - Addition to Clarence Fisher

Clarence Fisher (of Remote Access) posted a Best Buy video of their use of Web2 tools to enhance innovation, communication, and collaboration.

See it here:

Clarence asks the follow question:
This video is from Bestbuy, but can you see this in your school, or division, or even state or province?


So I thought I might add some questions, especially to those who believe school is to prepare kids to be contributing members of society, in a competitive, global marketplace.
  1. Does the fact that Best Buy uses these tools make the need for schools to open up Web 2.0 tools for their students even more important?  It is now a job skill, right?
  2. Does a school, districts, BOEs, etc. put their students in an uncompetitive position for jobs by denying access to these tools in school?  Could this denial become grounds for "educational malpractice"?
  3. Does it become more or less important to train students to use tools like the ones shown in the video in an ethical, professional, and productive manner?  Or will/should the business world take care of that training?
  4. If schools, districts, BOEs think that businesses should do the training to use these tools, should they be surprised when businesses complain that young workers are unskilled?
I know my answers to these questions, although I wish I wasn't so convinced. 

There are numerous examples of How To use these tools in a school setting.  There are enough teachers who want to use these tools. 

Are we reaching a point where there "is no excuse" for not using these tools in school, or will the denial, fear, and malpractice continue?  Now there's a question I can't answer.

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