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Why Do You Ask?

From asking questions that require an answer To asking questions that require a conversation.

Monday, December 22, 2008

No Blogging, Candy, and Ghandi

My last blog post was October 19.  There is a reason I did not post...and it really was difficult for me to resist.

Here's the story.

My 7th grade class studies India as part of our curriculum.  Ghandi is one of the historical figures we discuss.  I sometimes use quotes as a starter, and as Halloween approached I used the story of a mother who wanted her son to stop eating sugar. 

She took her son to his "idol," Ghandi, and asked Ghandi to tell her son to stop eating sugar; knowing that if it came from him, her son would surely quit.  Ghandi said, "Bring the child back in 2 weeks."  The mother was confused, but did as she was instructed.

Two weeks later the mother returned with her son, and Ghandi said to the boy, "Son, sugar is not good for you.  You should stop eating it."  The mother asked why Ghandi did not give this advice two weeks earlier.  Ghandi's response, "Two weeks ago, I still ate sugar."

Well, this story struck a chord with one of my classes.  I challenged them to try and give up something they liked for two weeks.  They challenged me in return.  They said, we'll not eat candy for two weeks (until Halloween) if you can give up something for two months.  I asked what I would have to give up; and the class voted on blogging at Professor Marvel. 

We all did it.  [I trust each student gave up candy until Halloween, though I might be naive, huh.]

Well, I'm back.  So, did anything big happen in since October 19 that's worth talking about?
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