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Why Do You Ask?

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Announcing My Classroom Blog

Room 755 is my blog for my classroom.  It is not necessarily meant to be a though-provoking blog, but rather a recording of daily events in my classroom.  Each day will be posted at 5:30 A.M. (I love this feature in Blogger).

My students, parents, administrators, and possibly other teachers (especially 7th grade Social Studies teachers in Georgia) might be able to find material here, add to the material here (through comments), and critique the material here (again, through comments). 

Our Standards are new - as I've mentioned before.  As teachers, we are not very sure what is expected of us as we prepare our students for the CRCT in the Spring.  Last year was such a fiasco, we know it can't get worse...can it?  The state threw out the scores for 6th and 7th grade.  The concern this year is (for me at least) will the test writers pay any attention to the INTENT of the Standards, or will they simply pick and choose random facts that might or might not be understood to be important by any given teacher...which appears to be part of the problem last year.

Room 755 is a record of my understanding of the meaning of the Standards.  Currently, we have spent time learning the Concepts [pdf file] and as part of the Concepts - the 5 themes of geography (since Human/Environment Interaction, Location, and Movement are 3 of the 5 and expected to be covered in the first Unit [pdf file].

Anyway, if you have an interest in following my class on our journey through Africa, the Middle East, and Asia stop by.  Leave a note to my students.  Many of them do not believe I know anyone through my network.  A comment might convince them.

You can also check my personal portal at Professor-Marvel.com
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