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Why Do You Ask?

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wesch - Behind the Scenes

Most people who would read my blog (or any educational blog) have seen Dr. Wesch's The Machine is Us/ing Us.

I've read much about what makes a video go viral. The one thing that doesn't frequently appear is the WORK that goes on behind the scenes to make things look easy.

Granted some videos go viral because of the stupidity, the grossness, or the depravity contained.

BUT, the lasting, quality ones go viral because there is a philosophy, high level understanding, and well-thought-out plan behind what the viewer sees. Even the Numa, Numa guy (Gary Brolsma) did some pretty high-level planning...See.

Michael Wesch conducted a workshop at the University of Manitoba on June 17, 2008. In this video, Dr. Wesch lets us in on the behind the scenes thinking that goes into his productions. Good stuff. I just wish he would stand still a little better.

UPDATE: For those teachers who wonder HOW to use the web 2.0 tools for class, Dr. Wesch explains it very nicely. I know NECC is going on, but the 1 hour presentation is phenomenal as it contains theory, practice, and answers many edublogger questions that have floated through Twitter and blogs for the past year. His class portal is a model most public school educators can only dream of, since the filter nazis think there is no learning value in the tools. Dr. Wesch has answers.

I did not embed the video here, because I'm not sure I am allowed to do so. Sorry for the external link.


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