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Why Do You Ask?

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Friday, June 20, 2008

This I believe...Meme

I feel bad and good.  Bad that I did not see that I had been tagged by Jon Becker several weeks ago to participate, good that I did find it.  And how did I find it?  Ego searching, based on the digital footprint post by Will a few days ago.  I taught a class yesterday at our local ETTC, and demonstrated why they need to control the digital footprint as much as possible.

Anyway, thanks Jon.

Based on the instructions from Cathy
Write out your view of education using the “This I believe…” format.

I know this is an NPR segment, but I will choose the Blue Collar Comedy Tour format.

I now begin.

I believe...Education too often gets in the way of learning (Mark Twain).  I simply hate it when a something in class strikes a deep chord with students, but because of the need to "stay on pace" and "cover the standards" we leave what could have changed the life of a young person.

I believe...Standardized testing is a political ploy for politicians to develop a platform on which to get (re)elected more than it is a tool for schools to determine what they can do to help children.  This was true even before NCLB, and will continue to get proliferate in years to come.

I believe...publicly elected officials should be required to send their children to public schools.

I believe..."Gifted" kids are no smarter than "General Ed" kids.  Too many I have known have had opportunities because of parental success, got lucky coloring the correct circle on a test, or had the local influence to bend the rules to get into segregated classes labeled "gifted."  This comes from a father with children who were classified in both categories.

I believe...Standards are meant for teachers, not the students.  Further, standards have been developed because politicians do not believe teachers have the intelligence to determine what is best for the students in their classroom. Even further, teachers do not realize this is what has happened to them (which may make the politicians correct)...much like the scene in Lean On Me, when Morgan Freeman's character throws money on the table and says, "Here, pay your bills" when the teacher's union caved in and voted to let the state curriculum become their standard or else they wouldn't get a raise.

I believe...Recess is important for children in order to learn.  And not just elementary-aged kids. I could use it too.

I believe...Too many teacher have stolen the dreams of kids, by saying that most dreams are unachievable.  "Remember, it's always important to have something to fall back on" is the single most dream-stealing statement that can be made to a child.

I believe...Fixing the problems above will only happen in isolation.  It's too late to turn back.

I believe...Children are NOT our future...they are our TODAY. 

I believe...Education and schools have the money, just not the creativity to use it wisely in order to make a difference.

I believe...Sir Ken Robinson should be appointed the Secretary of Education in the United States.

I believe...Teachers who are "in trouble" with administration are probably the most effective with students.  Barring the obvious illegal activities too many teachers commit with students.

I believe...Most of what I say falls on deaf ears.

Who to TAG?  Since so much time has elapsed, these folks may have already participated.

Darren Kuropatwa
Clay Burrell
Stephen Rahn
Liz Kolb

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