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Why Do You Ask?

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Is It Really This Simple?

If it is this simple (and I am suspect), then iTunesU (K12) could become a way to for teachers/students to choose their own courses.
  • Get the best "lectures" (lecturers) to present material.
  • Students view at home.
  • School building becomes a place for tutoring (hopefully you see the metaphor).
Questions & Thoughts:
  • This could really standardize curriculum. State Departments, who believe that standards are THE way to go, could insure the teacher is delivering the intended material.
  • High Stakes Tests could be design with the single focus lectures, not the standards. There would be no question that the material was covered.
  • The role of the onsite instructor would be to differentiate for students rather than create "the lesson."
  • If video teachers are correct, that students use video instead of books, then students should be issued computers (instead of textbooks) by the school system. Each computer would be able to access the videos.
  • Always follow the money...
  • How will publishers make money? Just on the tests? Will they then hire their own lecturers to record material - which schools purchase? Is this a way for states to take over schools who fail to meet NCLB criteria?
  • Is this the future we really want?

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