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Why Do You Ask?

From asking questions that require an answer To asking questions that require a conversation.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Clay Shirky speech of "Cognitive Surplus"Clay Shirky, Will Richardson,

Thanks to Will and Arthus.  Take time to read Will's thoughts.

My quick thought from a powerful 20 seconds (beginning at 15:54). 

We are looking for the mouse.  Every place where a user, reader, listener, or a viewer has been locked out...who has been served up a passive, fixed, or canned experience - could we carve out a piece of cognitive surplus to make a better thing happen?  I'm betting the answer is yes.

Does anybody describe the educational experience for k-12 students any better than that?

I also appreciate the "doing something is better than doing nothing" because we can learn from the surplus of activity even if it fails.  How can teachers, and more importantly students, begin to get comfortable with this idea of learning?

By the way...don't you think he looks a little like Tom Hanks?

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