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Why Do You Ask?

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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Cool Cat Burns With Passion

We have a small window of opportunity to suggest and create structures of what WE, the educators who use these technologies, suggest we should do about the whole digital citizenship, safety, and success issue.Then, we will be TOLD what to do because of our lack of action. And we know how that goes.
Cool Cat Teacher Blog: My passion is quilted in these letters: ad4dcss

Vicki has been a favorite read of mine since I met her at the GAETC in 2006. Her activity is always focused and directed toward the learning of others. Honestly, she is hard to keep up with. Personally, I think it is her background in business that makes her so productive as an educator.

I would not want anyone to leave the classroom who is as effective as Vicki, but I would greatly support Vicki if she chose to do something for educators under the umbrella of student online safety, digital citizenship, and the like.

As I was working through my Ed.S. at Valdosta State, we spent a semester on a digital citizenship. Dr. Jane Zahner was the instructor for this class. It was a good class. It was a practical class. It was something I wanted to implement with my students in my middle school class. It was also about this time that our school system decided to abdicate their obligation to teach digital citizenship by choosing 8e6 Technologies as their censor instead of using technology teachers to discuss and demonstrate proper digital citizenship.


Digital Citizenship resources

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