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Why Do You Ask?

From asking questions that require an answer To asking questions that require a conversation.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Podcast, Our First VIDEO

Library Lady & I created our first Video BookTalk. It is on our Cougar Paw'dCast page. Click here or here, or here...It all depends on proxy-blocking experiences as to which one will work.

You may need QuickTime.

ADDED on 10/21/2006
As a reflection of the experience of creating the VPC I noticed several things:
  • It was not difficult.
  • It did take time - though not as much as I anticipated.
  • We need a "production area" in the MC. Not is a separate room, but secluded in the area we have. [Not the same as the Closed Circuit needs].
  • We had a classroom of students in the MC when we taped. They were intrigued. It was like the Today Show - with people "eavesdropping" on our work.
  • It was fun.
  • If students or other teachers had something to say, this could be done by anyone.
  • Getting the video from camera to my Mac was effortless with iMovie.
  • Getting the video uploaded to the Internet (private account, Google Video, and embedded into the blog was easy (upload button - then copy and paste the code to the blog).
  • After researching for about 30 minutes (at home), I figured out how to get the video as an iTunes automatic download through their Podcast subscription (free).
  • I think I would do this as a classroom teacher at least weekly, to highlight the main point(s) of the units we study. It would take maybe three days of teaching students how to set up their iTunes / iPods to subscribe to the feed.
  • I am learning about creating personal Channels on YouTube (Google just bought them for $1.65 billion) to see if students and faculty would/could become "friends" of the channel.
So much to do...so little time.


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