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Why Do You Ask?

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Great!, It's Busy & It's

What a great beginning to my new position in the Media Center. I have become known as Media Man, and the women are now Library Ladies. We're thinking of getting capes!

So, what has made it great, you ask? Several things (in no particular order):

  1. Working with a colleague I started my career with...it's a homecoming of sorts.

  2. The patience of the Library Ladies as I learn the software packages (Safari, Surpass, WorldCat, STAR, etc.).
  3. The persistence of the Library Ladies in teaching me the processes of the Media Center (cataloging new material, creating orders, placement of books to be reshelved, check ins & check outs, etc.)

  4. I'm constantly busy but not doing busy work. What is being done will assist a student or teacher. Awesome.

  5. Freedom. Library Lady #1 gave me the opportunity to meet other Media Specialist in the area, and our Scholastic representative. So she let me attend the Bookfair meeting. It was fun, interesting, and something different...translated - I learned something new.

  6. I have been given the task by our principal to train the teachers on using Infinite Campus. I have trained them in taking attendance, and this week they are learning how to set up the gradebook. I like teaching teachers, but more importantly, the teachers are seeing the Media Center as a place they receive assistance.

  7. It's Orientation Time! All of the 6th graders (and a few more students) have come in to learn about the set up and procedures of the Media Center.

  8. We are able to help with the system-wide meetings that occur in our building by helping them set up for their seminars...Computer to LCD projector hook-up, video hook-up, etc. Respect for what we help them do.

  9. The kids! They still want to know why I left the classroom, but I tell them if I was in the classroom they wouldn't see me in the Media Center. Short conversations to catch up on the summer while they look for books or at the check-out station. I have found that I will have a great opportunity to work more one-on-one with students as they look for material that is school related. I love it.

Not that I need this all the time, but it is nice...the number of "Thank Yous" from the staff, faculty, and administration...makes me think we all made the right choice in having me move to the Media Center.

So thanks to the Library Ladies and the admins for taking a chance on me this year.


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