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Why Do You Ask?

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Journey, Tomorrow Begins My New

8:00 in the morning our school has it's annual Back To School Breakfast. It's always fun to see old friends and meet the new teachers and staff.

We will have a faculty meeting around 9:00 to have official introductions, go over the year's goals, and get a pep talk. At 12:30 I will feel like my new job will begin. I will be given training on our new Infinite Campus (IC) system. I am the school coach, charged with teaching the teachers how to use the program. IC will be used to take attendance, post grades, and many more things. Hopefully this will be a program we can stick with for a while. Over the past few years we have learned and used several electronic gradebook programs. I never liked the ones we used...too cumbersome...more features than necessary. I always used GradeKeeper. I love it. But since I am not in the classroom any longer, I will be supporting IC.

Thursday and Friday I will be training the classroom teachers on how to use the program. I am looking forward to the opportunity.

I also have several Department Meetings I want to attend. I can't attend all of them, but hopefully the two of us will be able to make an appearance at each of them. I am looking foward to really knowing what the teachers are doing in their classrooms so I can support their efforts to reach and teach our students. I am anticipating a great year...at least after Saturday...my Praxis test :-(


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