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Why Do You Ask?

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Kindle DX Not Ready For College (certainly not k-12)


I've always held fast to my mantra - if the technology does not make your life simpler, then it it bad technology (at least for you).

I've been skeptical of the electronic book since it was introduced as a solution for school textbooks. 

There is something fundamentally different in reading to read, and reading to learn.

I've tried to read books on my phone, a Kindle, and on an iPad.  For me, using one of these devices for actually studying and learning would not make my simpler or even more convenient.  Therefore, I do not see it as good technology FOR ME.

I also don't see it as a good idea for k-12 schools to use...at least for now. 


I see ebooks (and their readers) as a "tech-for-the-sake-of-tech" issue and not a way to make learning more appealing to students.  Making things more difficult to accomplish is a poor method of motivation for students who must be coaxed into playing school to start with.  To me, it is that simple.

Do I think iPads, iPod Touches, and mobile devices can be used in k-12 schools.  Absolutely, just not as a replacement for a textbook.  I think for reference, reinforcement (through games, quizzes, etc.) these devices serve a great purpose.

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