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Monday, April 19, 2010

iEAR - App Review of SCVNGR

Cross Posted at: http://www.iear.org/iear/2010/4/19/scvngr.html

App Cost:  Free

App iTunes URL:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scvngr/id323248984?mt=8

App Developer:  SCVNGR

Developer's Websitehttp://scvngr.com

Grade Level Appropriateness:  6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, College

Introduction / Background of App:
SCVNGR is an abbreviation of Scavenger. It is a digital take on the Scavenger Hunt of old.

It is an app, but will also work with any cell phone with text messaging capabilities.

Description of App Functionality:
The player is given a question and responds with the correct (or nearly correct) answer to move through the Scavenger Hunt. Players may be asked to submit pictures as evidence of completion of an activity.

As students (or groups) answer questions correctly, they are automatically sent the next question or challenge to complete.

The teacher creates the SCVNGR questions and challenges on the website (http://scvngr.com).

Classroom Use Examples / Ideas:
I have used this app successfully in reading exercises with English Language Learners to Advance Placement students. Students are highly engaged in the activity of competing with other groups to score the highest points for the SCVNGR activity.

Students have developed one (on paper) for me to write that will be building-wide hunt to learn about their teachers for the upcoming year. They will find factual information, then take a picture to submit for verification they have met their teacher.

I have also used the app to introduce students to their community landmarks. The app provides Google Maps for location-specific activities.

Program Functionality:  A

Program Functionality Rationale:
The original purpose of the app was to serve as a self-guided tour to museums, campuses, and cities. The integration of maps, photos, and text make the functionality multifaceted and engaging.

The creator of a SCVNGR can create a random location hunt or one that follows a specific path.

Purpose:  A

Purpose Rationale:
The rationale behind the app is to provide self-guided pursuits. If the creator of the SCVNGR is not clear in the questions or challenges, there may be difficulty in achieving the goal. It will take practice, creativity, and patience to develop quality SCVNGRs for younger students.

Overall Educational Value:  A+

Overall Educational Value Rationale:
This educational value of the application is the responsibility of the teacher who creates the SCVNGR. The tool itself lends itself to engaging, self-directed pursuits of factual, locational, and artistic opportunities.

After using SCVNGR with 7th grade students in a reading exercise, I highly recommend this app. At the time of publication of this review, my students have completed 6 SCVNGR hunts, and are working on their own for the future. I am asked each week if we are going to do a SCVNGR. The excitement of the students is what leads me to recommend this app to you.

Reviewer Name:  Ric Murry

Reviewer Blog/Twitter Account:

Posted via email from Murry's World


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