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Why Do You Ask?

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Good Policy Or A Step Backward in Racism, Stereotyping, Discrimination, and Prejudicial Behavior?

Airline passengers from "terrorist tendency countries" to experience additional checks, including body pat-downs.

I first read the news through Twitter - my first source of international, national, and regional news - that the Transportation Security Administration was enacting "additional measures" of searching airlines passengers from countries who have "terrorist tendencies."

I am surprised that this measure was accepted and implemented so quickly. It is based on a failed attempt to blow up a jet on 12/24/09, and that seems like a quick reaction when the government is involved in making the decision.

Just asking questions now:

  1. Is this racial profiling? If so, is this a good thing now?
  2. If this is a good thing, why wasn't it a good thing in 2002. 2003, 2005?
  3. Is it ironic to anyone other than me that a "minority" President of the United States is the one to implement/support this policy?
  4. Is it only because we have a "minority" President that this was able to be implemented? Were the "powerful white guys" just waiting for this opportunity?

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