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Why Do You Ask?

From asking questions that require an answer To asking questions that require a conversation.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Silent Discussion - Could We Create an Online Textbook?

Today was an early release day at school.  Our class period were 40 minutes long. 

We did something new today - Silent Discussions.

There were five topics; all based on the Environmental Issues we have studied in Africa.

Each student answered five questions:

  1. What are the biggest environmental issues facing Africa?
  2. Why is deforestation occurring, and is it always bad?
  3. What are some consequences of deforestation?
  4. Why is desertification happening and what are the consequences of it?
  5. Why should we even care about what is going on in Africa?
I was really proud of the work that was done.  Especially since this was the first time we have done this exercise.

I am going to find out from students tomorrow if they would be interested in compiling and editing the student work to write our own online textbook, complete with text, pictures, and video.  I think it could be a very valuable resource for us, and maybe other 7th grade students in Georgia.

What do you think?

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