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Why Do You Ask?

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Disruptive...Using The Wrong Words...Again

"Disruptive technology" will set us back, fellow education bloggers.  Why?

Because we are forgetting who we are trying to convince. 

School Boards, Administrators, Superintendents, reluctant teachers do not define "disruptive" the same way we do.  They view anything disruptive as having a NEGATIVE IMPACT on education. 

Without mentioning blogs or bloggers, I counted 52 times the usage of "disruptive" was used as a POSITIVE, necessary approach in the classroom.  I know, and so do most of the readers of these blogs, what is meant when someone says, "Disruptive technologies like backchannels, cell phones, and international connections are necessary for 21st century students."

I get it, because I can interpret and speak that language.

But, those who allow, or more accurately, disallow these opportunities do not speak this language.  They do not "Get It" and it's our fault

Please choose your words carefully. 

Today, I was watching TV (I have the week out of school) and saw these items:
  • Alex Rodriguez - Will his admission to using PEDs be a disruption to the Yankees this year?
  • Terrell Owens - Jerry Jones has to determine if T.O.'s talent is worth the clubhouse disruption he brings with him.

I read my World News feeds:

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