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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's All About the Ratings

This week No. 1 ranked Memphis will play No. 2 ranked Tennessee.

Memphis is undefeated, with a record of 25-0.
Tennessee has a record of 23-2.

Last week Memphis was No. 1, and as the only unbeaten team, they deserve that ranking.  After all, this isn't the greatly flawed BCS.  :-)

However, Tennessee was ranked No. 4 last week.  They won 2 games since the last poll.  Here's what Week 14 looked like in both the AP and ESPN/USA Today Polls
  1. Memphis (23-0)
  2. Duke (21-1)
  3. Kansas (23-1)
  4. Tennessee (21-2)
  5. North Carolina (22-2)
This week (Week 15) the polls changed:
  1. Memphis (25-0) - won two games
  2. Tennessee (23-2) - won two games
  3. North Carolina (24-2) - won two games
  4. Kansas (24-2) - 1-1 last week
  5. Duke (22-2) - 1-1 last week
Okay, okay...Tennessee won two games and the two teams in front of them (Duke & Kansas) each lost a game.  But North Carolina (who I detest nearly as much as I do Duke) also won two games in what everyone says is the "Toughest Conference in America...Baaaabbbyyy."  NC beat University of Virginia and Virginia Tech.  Tennessee beat Arkansas and Georgia. 

My opinion, NC had a little tougher time, and they have one more win than Tennessee.  Why isn't the media darling of Roy Williams' boys ranked No. 2?  Because Tennessee plays Memphis this week.  Tickets must be sold.   A number one vs. a number two is a big seller...kind of a championship game before the tournament.  So enjoy the game residents of the state of Tennessee, because come the real tournament, neither team will be in the Final Four.  They just aren't that good.  Memphis might get to the Elite Eight, Tennessee will be out in the round of 16.

Just having fun folks.  It's that time of year for us basketball junkies.  Go Big Ten!

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