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Why Do You Ask?

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Local Poll - Day 3 - Hey Public Education Got Something

I am keeping a running total of the stats our local paper is running in their online poll which asks the question: In the presidential race, which of these issues is the most important to you?

My days of tracking:
Day 1 - A little background info included
Day 2 - Update

Day 3 is below. I believe that 1.25% of 160 votes means there are 2 votes for public education. That's a 1:80 ratio...wait, I had to vote today to see the update, and I voted for public education, does that count?

In fairness, if I am honest in answering the question as it is asked, I'm not sure public education would be tops on my list. I'll drop a hint: The "In the presidential race..." restriction makes it hard for me to answer education, because I wish the government would get out of education business (which is what they have made it - a business). So if a candidate really made this an issue in their platform, and said, less government interference, mandates, arbitrary testing, etc., then it might become number one to me. But since I'm Waiting on the World to Change along with John Mayer and "all his misunderstood friends," and I don't see any candidate who wants to give up power over public education business... errr... system, other things are probably more important to me in this race.

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