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Why Do You Ask?

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Larry Lessig @ TED - 2007

I watched a Lessig video on CC in 2005.  I found it while looking for original ways to use PowerPoint.  His ppt presentation style is captivating...mainly because the content in his speeches is outstanding.

Anyway, I frequent the TED site after they made their videos available online and through iTunes.  TED, like the iTunesU, provides an education.  I found Lessig's TEDTalk a couple of days ago, and although it was an abbreviated version of another video I watched earlier this year, it is must see.

Read/Write - Creativity - and the language of our kids (re)creation.  Our current law, and interpretation of laws, is "corrosive" to our society, because our culture has the tools to create mashups by using, interpreting, and make-meaning of prior content to produce new content.  Currently, many view this as illegal activity, but, Lessig argues brilliantly, it is the way our kids learn, think, and create.  In other words, their norm is criminal behavior, but it shouldn't be.  Watch the video.  It's only 19 minutes.  There's nothing on TV anyway.

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