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Why Do You Ask?

From asking questions that require an answer To asking questions that require a conversation.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Thinking, Good Reflection Requires Much

It's been a little time between my posts, but I have been thinking a lot in order to actually reflect. I returned from the GaETC in the middle of November with more ideas than most schools would be able to handle. That's a good thing, I think. Better to have more ideas than too few.

In my previous post, I spoke about things we should implement in The MC quickly. I have learned that "quickly" can be a relative term. So an update on our progress is in order (which is why the posting frequency leveled off).

I have been teaching Library Lady #1 how to use Blogger as a means of publishing to The MC Web site. She caught on very quickly. Now it is a matter of beating the writer's block that comes when we try new things. The apprehension that accompanies instant publishing.

We have been evaluating what to include on our Web site. We had to wait on a monthly Media Specialists meeting in order to find out what the system was budgeting for Safari/Surpass related services. We are now requesting the WebSafari component so our students can access our collection information outside The MC. COOL!

We have added three Video BookTalks to our collection. We have two sixth-grade students (guys) who are avid Fantasy readers. After getting signed parent permission forms, we have added two Video BookTalks (Eragon & the Artemis Fowl series). They are committed to recording a booktalk every Tuesday. WAY COOL!

We were asked to conduct a SciFi/Fantasy lesson for two 6th grade reading classes. We used the SmartBoard to create an interactive lesson the students seemed to enjoy. We showed the BookTalks of the 6th-graders mentioned above, and all the Eragon and Artemis Fowl books are checked out. WAY WAY COOL!

We have completed an order for our Fantasy and SciFi collection development. Our Social Studies order has arrived. Cataloging all next week. Updating The MC site with our new books.

Something I am still thinking (and stewing about). Our "technology based on fear" model is something I still struggle with. We received our "results" from the Internet Filtering Meeting. We have been told that Weblogs are not appropriate for school. That borders on lunacy! Worse it is sad that our students are left to their own to learn positive, appropriate, and meaningful ways to communicate in the 21st century. I have to stop. Ranting obviously does no good. A game plan does no good. Perhaps David Warlick was right: To battle fear, perhaps we have to "Scare 'em."